Bid Farewell to 2023 & Happy New Year 2024!


What a year for me personally, i started this blog in hopes that you guys can have a better understanding of my products and gain some knowlegable information soucing in China, and in the meantime, by writing blog posts, not only do i get to speak to you guys, but i can also enhance my english both in writing and speaking (help me think in English).

When i told my clients that i started a blog, they all sent me good wishes and encourage me to get better, i really appreciate you guys kindness, it really goes a long way in my work, i believe this world is made up by people who are kind and warm hearted, full of joy and trust. even though sometimes we come across bad people and things, that doesn’t make me perceive it differently.

As we celebrate the gregorian new year, the lunar new year is also right around the corner, if you are behind on your inventory purchasing plan, it’s in your best interest to act quick, factories are normally running in full capacity to cater for the domestic retailers while workers are gradually leaving for home in this period, so if you don’t place your orders in advance, it’ll be a challenge for your suppliers to manufacture your order in time before freight services still available.

This year the lunar new year’s eve falls on Feb 9th, and in general factories will release their holiday calendar/schedule for the festival one month advance notice, you can contact the sale rep for the information and time your purchasing plan accordingly.

I wish you all an abundance of cheer and continued success in the year of 2024, may the world peace and may it be a year of laughter, love and endless possibilities.

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