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known as the electronics hub of the world, there’s a lot of wholesale markets where you can buy almost any electronics products ranging from any consumer electronics to as tiny as a electrical resistance, but what if you want to ship them to the world? where’s these logistics companies located in this area ? in today’s post, we are going to find out!

typically you can easily find these logistic companies near those wholesale markets, but they often charge a bit more due to their location, as these area often have higher traffic and the rent is relatively high, so it’s understandable that they pass the cost onto their services.

so do we have cheaper options around this area? the answer is YES.

there’s an area called Sangda Yayuan where most logistics companies set up their pick-up point that you can find a variety of shipping serivces that will cater to your specific needs. whether that be ocean freight, air freight, express or even post serivces. they got you covered. this logistic hub is only 300 meters away from Longsheng mobile accssories wholesales market, which is only a couple miniutes walk.

now if you are moving a large bulk of shipments, these logistic companies even offer pick-up service, so you don’t necesserily have to bring them over. one phone call and they will send their pick up guy over. but there are times when they aren’t able to come or some of them just don’t offer the service, what can we do?

don’t worry, this place has every necessary component to make your business a success, normally you will see these nanny and uncle with a mobile cart sitting outside these wholesale markets, they offer short distance transportation service, and they charge 25-30 RMB, which is less than $5, for one way of transportation, you can load the cart with boxes of around 1.5 CBM, but if it’s too heavy, you might want to separate it and do it twice.

in this short post, i just wanted to give a brief look of the logistic landscape of this area, in my future blog posts, i will delve deep into this area and deliver more useful information for you guys. stay tuned, thank you guys.

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