Laser Marking VS Silkscreen on Custom logo for Aluminum Stand


Here at our company, we offer two ways to add logo to your custom order. laser marking and silkscreen. they are different in several key ways, i am going to cover these differences in this post.

first up, application process

Silkscreening passes ink through a stencil, which is a porous fabric with a wooden frame, and we call that screen. one graphic and screen for each color. multiple colors are created by incorporating multiple stenciles.

laser marking, on the other hand, is created by removing layers of material to a desired depth, a controlled laser beam move across the material, the energy from the laser beam craetes a reaction that will slightly alter the materials properties and appearance in order to craete a permanent mark, the speed, power and focus of the laser beam will create different laser marks. and there’s serveral laser marking types for aluminum, which are named engrave, burn, silver, outline and ablate.

here at our company, the laser marking type that we offer for aluminum stands is silver mark, logos by applying this laser type is created by frosting surface of the metal at high speeds, the end result is typically a white colored or bright colored mark.

the images below are the samples I have made that show the difference.

there’s a noticeable difference in how slkicreen logo feel compared to laser marking, slikscreen ink is self levelling, so you can only feel a slight raised surface in silikscreen logos, and laser marking, on the other hand, it’s a burn mark, which feels rough to the touch.

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