Sourcing Mobile Electronics in HQB


known as the electronics hub of the world, there’s a lot of wholesale markets where you can buy almost any electronics products ranging from any consumer electronics to as tiny as an electrical resistance

if it’s your first time coming to this place, knowing what these markets are and what products they specialize in wholesale before starting your itinerary becomes important. so today we are going to talk about who they are and what they sell.

Seg Telecoms Mobile Market, the longest established market dedicated to wholesales mobile cases, now if you are in the mobile accessories industry, this is the place you don’t want to miss, everytime a new trending phone case comes up, it appears on the shelfs in these shop inside, these shop owners are always ahead of the curve in terms of new cases and you will find a varaity of cases made from different materials, whether that be silicone, leather, plastic, it has got a few shops selling screen protectors, watch cases, airpods cases, phone holders, but the majorty of them are dealling with cases

Taipingyang Surcurity Market, as you can tell from the name, security related products are the main catagory, it mainly caters to customers who are looking for survalliance cameras, but in recent years, it started pivot to phone cases and has attracted vendors from other markets to open shops at this market. and just across a slope on the other side, the Huitong Market are doing the same thing pivoting from security survalliance products to mobile accessories, several big shops doing UV custom printing cases are located in this two market.

Longsheng Accessories Market, now this market has two sections (the building A&B and building C&D) connecting togather, with a road in between that separete it, but from the second floor, they are interconnected by a passage on each story.

the Longsheng building A&B are a hub of wearable devices, smartwaches, earphones and speakers. you can find knock-off apple smartwatches and airpods all generations. not only that, higher end of self innovated smart devices are also commonly seen here. whereas the Longsheng C&D is just like Seg Market full of phone case and mobile accessories vendors except that those on the first floor are almost all focusing on tempered glass screen protectors, whether that be for phones, smartwaches, or phone lenses, you can find them all here.

these markets i mentioned above either have long history in this area or have big vendors specializing in these very specific niches, and many of these shops serve as physical wholesale channels for factories located in Dongguang, Shantou, Guangzhou or the outskirts of the city.

hope these information be useful to you and feel free to hit me up when you come to explore the area.

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