The Classic Portable & Foldable Laptop Stands


This is a classic design stand for a laptop especially if you are a heavy laptop user and you travel a lot, this stand is definitely a must for you.

Let’s check out some of the specifications first

Size and Packing Details :

Carton dimensions : 26*26*29 CM
50 Units in 1 carton
Carton Weight : 13 KGS
Compatible with 11-17 inch devices

Features :

Made from aluminum metal and it’s coated with an anodizing finish preventing it from wheathering, and with its metal material body, not only is it built well, but it can also make sure it doesn’t warp in a daily folding and adjusting movment.

On top of its material, it also features 7 adjustable angles, giving you the flexibility switching to a comfortable working setup. Notice here that other variants out there on the market only offer 6 adjusting angles.

It comes in two classic designs with black and silver color available on each. now if you would like to cater to a higher-end demographic, you can upgrade the drawstring bag to one that’s made from soft touch material and change the packaging retail box that will make it look fancier and appealing.

Even though these changes come with a bit of cost, the satisfaction from your customers just far outweigh that couple penny saved and could potentially bring you more customers by word of mouth.

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